System Engineer (DevOps Engineer) – Rendszermérnököt keresünk

In the operations team we make strongly automated systems with high complexity and availability to help development and to provide B2B services for our customers.
Our team:

  • can work with no technological restrictions
  • should solve research and development issues
  • invent and evaluate new solutions
  • do the classical system maintenance tasks

We are the last-line quality gate of a product before delivery.

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We are looking for a quality-oriented, devoted engineer with large range of interests. As a team member:

      • You have the ability to work effectively, efficiently and independently in a team.
      • You have the ability to work in a fast-paced ever-changing environment.
      • You can support development teams and protect the product at the same time.
      • You are able to understand complex development processes, including specification, CI pipelines, delivery and orchestration flows, documentation and quality assurance.
      • You work comfortable in distributed systems.

As a successful candidate you are a self-starter and a team player with analytic skills and attention to details. You are interested in cutting edge technologies and development background.

You will manage infrastructure in specific areas

You have advanced skills to build an infrastructure, but you are also happy to design, script and manage automated builds, releases and maintenance processes. You are required to:

    • Setup, support, maintain and improve our environments
    • Implement and improve continuous delivery
    • solve problems with simple and repeatable solutions
    • Do tools automation
    • Have expertise in configuration management
    • Carry out network and security administration
    • Perform high availability and high performance solutions


  • Passion for providing superb infrastructure solutions
  • Background in Linux administration
  • Experience with Application Container Technologies and Schedulers (docker, rancher, swarm, kubernetes)
  • Skilled in Bash, Python, Groovy or other scripting languages
  • Experience with automation and configuration management tools like Ansible, Terraform or equivalent
  • Familiarity with Git including branching and merging strategies
  • Knowledge of Message queues and communication protocols (ssl,http,rest,wss)
  • Knowledge of Continuous Integration and Deployments (jenkins, gocd, travis, codeship)
  • Experience with Firewalls, load balancers, different types of Web Servers
  • The language of communication is Hungarian, but issues and documentation are handled in English
  • Proficiency in both written and spoken English.


Experience of working with server virtualisation (VMware), IaaS, SAAS and PaaS Cloud (AWS, Azure) and hybrid environments
Experience with relational databases (mariadb, postgresql)
Experience with Jira, SonarQube, Gitlab
Adopt best practices in documentation, testing, security, and efficient use of resources
Knowledge of monitoring solutions (prometheus, datadog, new relic)

What we offer

A challenging role in a helpful and dynamic environment.
The work can be done partly from home, however office work is also required in our office in Kaposvar
Full time work


How to apply?

Send your CV or Linkedin profile to